Dermaplaning is a safe and effective manual exfoliation treatment which leads to fresher, softer skin. It provides your skin with a smoother appearance by removing dead skin cells in addition to the fine facial hair (vellus or peach fuzz) that can trap excess dirt and oil, leaving the complexion looking dull. The outer epidermal layers are abraded using light feather strokes clearing the path to more beautiful skin. This removal of build up allows for improved absorption of your skincare products and better results from your spa treatments. The fine facial hair will return to its original state in about a month’s time. Repeated treatments stimulate and rejuvenate skin tissue, making it an effective way to reduce acne scarring, uneven pigmentation and fine lines. Complete your treatment by adding any of our facials or peels.


50 min $140

Dermaplaning with Micro®Peel

50 min $150

Prime the skin with dermaplaning and then include the added benefit of a Micro®Peel to improve tone, texture and color. Vibrant glowing skin will result.

 Purchase a series of 6…SAVE 20%
Purchase a series of 3…SAVE 10%

12 month expiration from date of purchase. Series may not be combined with any other discount. May share with family or friend, just let us know. Prices subject to change.

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