Micro Needling

Out with the old skin in with the new!

Micro Needling will assist in doing just that. Along with regeneration of collagen fibers this procedure will encourage fresh, rejuvenated skin by improving pore size, pigmented areas and scar tissue.

Within 90 minutes you can be on your way to fresh, more youthful skin. A topical numbing cream is applied for comfort and then the Micro Needling stamping device delivers tiny minuscule punctures to varying depths in the skin to remodel and generate new collagen growth.  Additionally with the exfoliation of dead skin cells, skin care product applications will see noticeable improvement in absorption. Immediate responses vary from a pink flush to the appearance of mild sunburn but typically within 24 hours your skin is back to normal. Results are seen with one treatment, but consecutive treatments are recommended.

Micro Needling

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