A chemical peel is a non-invasive acid solution applied by our medical aestheticians to improve the overall texture and appearance of the skin. We offer different strengths to address and improve multiple conditions including-sun damage, pigment irregularities, fine lines and wrinkles, acne scarring and surface exfoliation for fresher, healthier looking skin.

Rejuvenize Peel ™


A deep peel to achieve optimum results for more severe conditions by removing the outer layer of skin to reveal smoother, refreshed skin trapped under dead skin cells, pigment discolorations and fine lines and wrinkles. Most likely to experience some visible peeling 3-7 days.

Vitalize Peel ®


A mid-depth peel to improve more significant conditions such as acne, hyper pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles.  May experience some visible peeling 2-5 days.

Advanced Corrective Peel ™


This most in depth peel gives focus to discoloration, uneven texture and dullness of the skin. With a higher blend of clinical grade acids this treatment encourages excellent cell turnover to achieve a smoother, brighter clarified skin.

Illuminize Peel®


Our lightest peel, appropriate for first time chemical peel clients.  A mild, superficial application to make your skin brighter and more radiant.  Little or no visible peeling.

Peels are a wonderful addition to spa treatments and home care regimens for healthier skin. Noticeable results will be achieved after one peel. A series of peels will produce more significant improvements.

Purchase a series of 6…SAVE 20%
Purchase a series of 3… SAVE 10 %

12 month expiration from date of purchase. Series may not be combined with any other discounts. May share with a family or friend, just let us know. Prices subject to change.

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